In a bid to empower pet parents with essential life-saving skills for their furry companions, the Bone Idol Academy has introduced an affordable online canine first aid course.

Drawing from decades of experience in the pet industry, this £30 course aims to provide pet owners with the basics of canine first aid, ensuring they can respond calmly and effectively in critical situations.

Accessible Canine First Aid Education

While some pet parents opt for hands-on first aid qualifications, others may be constrained by time and finances. Bone Idol tutor Jon Clark emphasizes that this course serves as a valuable introduction to the subject, equipping dog owners with vital skills. Clark stated: “The more people with a grasp of canine first aid, the better. This course, designed for self-paced learning, takes approximately two hours to complete and offers valuable insights to help you respond swiftly and confidently in emergencies.”

Covering fundamental topics such as CPR and knowing when to contact a vet, this course serves as an ideal starting point for time-strapped individuals. Clark underscores its importance, saying: “It’s a positive step towards ensuring the safety of your dog and other dogs you encounter.”

Expert Guidance in Bite-sized Format

Qualified tutors at the Bone Idol Academy have previously instructed canine first aid qualifications. This short course condenses vital information into easily digestible modules. Jon Clark remarked: “With our extensive experience in the pet industry, we’ve trained numerous individuals in pet first aid qualifications. However, this course is accessible online and caters to a broader audience.”

The course, led by Jon, covers crucial topics such as CPR, poisoning, wound care, and choking, with some modules featuring practical demonstrations of essential techniques. Jon encourages learners to explore the course further, saying, “You may discover essential information and advice about your dog, and who knows, completing this course may inspire you to pursue formal qualifications to enhance your knowledge.”

For more information about the online canine first aid course, please visit Bone Idol Academy.