On Saturday, 11th May, BSAVA PetSavers supporters and staff completed a nine-mile hike across the Malvern Hills, raising over £3,000 for the organisation’s 50th anniversary year.

The team hiked from the North end of the hill over the ridge to the South, with all proceeds going towards funding clinical studies and research into diseases affecting pets.

Fundraising Efforts for Pet Health

The funds raised will help BSAVA PetSavers in their mission to improve the health and welfare of pets, enabling them to live longer and healthier lives. This hike is part of a series of fundraising initiatives planned for 2024 to celebrate BSAVA PetSavers’ 50th anniversary. Other campaigns include PetSavers ‘Gold Stars’, the Swap Shop, and the Kiltwalk in Scotland.

Sarah Williams, Grant Awarding and Fundraising Manager for BSAVA PetSavers, expressed her gratitude: “We had a fabulous time on Saturday with a great team of people. We are grateful to everyone for taking the time to raise awareness of what BSAVA PetSavers does and are thrilled with the amount of money that has been raised. A huge thank you to everyone who took part!”

Donations to the fundraising page are still being accepted at JustGiving. For those interested in participating in other 50th anniversary fundraising events, more information is available on the BSAVA website.

About BSAVA PetSavers

BSAVA PetSavers, the fundraising and grant-awarding arm of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), was established in 1974 by a group of veterinary surgeons as the Clinical Studies Trust Fund. Over the past 50 years, PetSavers has invested approximately £2.7 million in clinical research and training programmes addressing a range of pet health issues, including kidney disease, anaemia, diabetes, feline leukaemia, deafness, cancer, and heart disease.

Unlike many charities that focus on preventing cruelty to animals, BSAVA PetSavers is dedicated to advancing pet medicine and surgery through clinical research. The charity aims to be the UK’s leading veterinary provider of grants specifically for companion animal disease research.

To achieve this goal, BSAVA PetSavers awards grants to researchers in universities, veterinary practices, and research organisations. These grants support veterinary surgeons, nurses, and academics in their efforts to advance clinical investigations into naturally occurring diseases in small animals, conducted to the highest ethical, scientific, and veterinary standards.

Driving Excellence in Veterinary Practice

BSAVA PetSavers’ purpose is to drive excellence in veterinary practice to improve the health and welfare of small animals. The charity’s mission is to fund critical clinical research into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pet diseases, ensuring that vets have the knowledge they need to alleviate the distress and pain caused by these diseases.