Following its successful European debut in the previous year, global animal health firm Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva), ranking fifth worldwide and operating in 110 countries, proudly unveils the 2024 edition of its “Call for Projects.”

This global initiative focuses on identifying and nurturing innovative strategies that enhance the welfare and care of companion animals and their human caregivers.

Ceva’s rich legacy and expertise in elevating the lives of pets underline the company’s recognition of the pivotal part animals play in human lives. This acknowledgment forms the foundation of their ongoing efforts to bolster the Human-Animal bond, integral to Ceva’s One Health methodology.


Harnessing Global Expertise

The “Call for Projects” programme stands as Ceva’s beacon to tap into the knowledge and innovation of individuals, burgeoning startups, and established organizations. The goal is clear: to address pressing concerns in animal health and pave the way for revolutionary solutions for pets around the globe. To this end, the initiative opens its doors to a spectrum of project themes:

  • Digital Health Solutions: The interplay of technology and data to augment the tracking, diagnosis, and cure processes for pets.
  • Preventive Care: Unconventional methods targeting preventive care, encompassing facets such as nutrition, immunisation, and behavioural coaching.
  • Wellness and Enrichment: Cutting-edge products or offerings aiming at the physical and mental wellness of companion animals.
  • Diagnostic Tools: The future of diagnostic tools, emphasising swift, non-evasive techniques for precise health checks and monitoring.

The primary aspiration? Collaboratively innovating for the prosperity of pets and fortifying the human-animal connection.


Call for Participation

Potential participants are urged to table their project ideas, articulating their novel approaches, target demographic, and envisaged impact, on Agorize. The submissions should align with one or more categories on the platform: Devices, Digital, or Technology. Ceva’s panel, composed of its foremost experts, is set to meticulously assess the entries. The evaluation parameters include innovation quotient, feasibility, scalability potential, and the prospective influence of the project.

Chosen projects stand to gain robust backing from Ceva. This includes invaluable mentorship, avenues into the industry’s inner circles, and resources to expedite their solution’s developmental trajectory and its market entry. Furthermore, these projects will earn acclaim within the animal health fraternity, setting the stage for ensuing alliances and collaborations.

Marc Prikazsky, Ceva’s Chairman and CEO, voiced his anticipation: “With the escalating trend of viewing pets as family, it’s evident that ‘pet parents’ are on the constant lookout for avant-garde solutions for optimal care. We are zealous about the 2024 ‘Call for Projects’ and earnestly invite participants from varied backgrounds to join forces with us, enabling transformative breakthroughs in companion animal healthcare.”

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