Vet charity PDSA has expanded its services in North London with the inauguration of the Edmonton Green PDSA Pet Clinic.

This newly refurbished clinic, previously an RSPCA facility, commenced operations on 4th March 2024, extending PDSA’s reach to 11 additional postcodes in the area.

Jan McLoughlin, PDSA’s Director General, officially opened the Edmonton Green Clinic on 21st March, highlighting the significance of this collaboration with RSPCA. The partnership enables PDSA to offer crucial vet services to more pet owners, especially during times when financial constraints hinder access to essential pet care.

Addressing Community Needs

Jan McLoughlin expressed delight in the opening of the new clinic, underscoring its importance in catering to the needs of local pet owners. By extending their services, PDSA aims to support families in providing necessary care for their beloved pets, fostering stronger bonds between pets and their caregivers.

The Edmonton Green PDSA Clinic will continue providing charitable vet care to existing clients of RSPCA Finsbury Park Animal Hospital. This transition allows RSPCA to focus on its core mission of rescuing and treating animals subjected to cruelty and neglect, while PDSA addresses the veterinary needs of financially strained pet owners.

Caroline Allen, RSPCA’s Chief Veterinary Officer, affirmed the importance of this collaboration in extending support to both pet owners and animals in distress, emphasising the critical role played by expert vet teams in safeguarding animal welfare.

Future Operations

Richard Hooker, PDSA’s Director of Veterinary Services, highlighted the clinic’s immediate impact in addressing the growing demand for affordable pet care. With hundreds of applications received within weeks of its opening, the Edmonton Green Clinic underscores PDSA’s commitment to alleviating financial burdens on pet owners and preventing unnecessary pet suffering.

Operated as a ‘branch’ to Hendon PDSA Pet Hospital, the Edmonton Green Clinic will initially offer services on select weekdays, with plans to expand operating hours in response to demand. Pet owners residing in the newly added postcodes can check their eligibility for PDSA vet care on the organisation’s website.