Perwyn, a prominent European private equity investor, has successfully completed the acquisition of several UK veterinary clinics, marking the formation of Kin Vet Community, a dynamic entity in the veterinary landscape.

Led by Ciara McCormack MVB as CEO, the newly established Kin Vet Community aims to redefine pet care through its dedicated approach. Kin Vet Community stands as a collective of dedicated professionals committed to the well-being of pets and communities. The core ethos revolves around promoting animal health, as well as fostering transparent and empathetic relationships with clients and their pets, and prioritising the professional growth and well-being of the team.

The veterinary services industry in the UK showcases consistent growth, propelled by the increasing humanisation of pets. Additionally, advancements in medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures, coupled with innovations in veterinary healthcare, have led to an expanding array of services, contributing to the industry’s upward trajectory and allure.

Perwyn’s Strategic Move

Gurinder Sunner, Partner at Perwyn, said: “We are thrilled to announce our first foray into the veterinary sector, a sector we have always respected for its robust business dynamics and the remarkable dedication of its professionals.  It is a great pleasure to be working with Ciara and her team as they grow a new group dedicated to nurturing and advancing veterinary experts.

“Our investment in this venture is a strategic move that resonates with our commitment to nurture companies in high-growth industries. The UK veterinary services market is on an impressive upward trajectory, fuelled by the deepening bond between people and their pets and the continuous innovation in veterinary healthcare.  We are excited to be a part of this thriving industry.”

Ciara McCormack, CEO of Kin Vet Community, said that the team has a wealth of industry experience and insight, positioning the group to capitalise on evolving trends in pet care and veterinary services. With a workplace culture’s focus on nurturing wellbeing as well as professional growth, Kin Vet Community aims to enhance care delivery through staff development.

Propelling Growth in Pet Care

With Perwyn’s support, Kin Vet Community aims to accelerate its growth trajectory as well as enhance the standard of pet care across the UK. McCormack additionally emphasised the company’s commitment to reflecting the evolving relationship between pets and their human companions, aligning their services to meet evolving needs.

The creation of Kin Vet Community signals a strategic step forward in the veterinary sector, merging expertise, commitment to growth, as well as a vision for enhancing pet care standards. As this new entity takes shape, it promises to bring innovative approaches to the fore, aiming to shape the future of veterinary services in the UK.