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Puppy Profiling Online Training Course


Discover the top 3 observations that will transform your puppy profiling, so every puppy you raise ends up in the very best home for them.

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When you match your puppies with their new owners based on personality, lifestyle and temperament, you set everybody up to succeed. Unfortunately, new dog owners often choose based on looks, and they need YOU to guide them on selecting the right dog for their lifestyle, family and expectations. No one spends more time watching and interacting with the litter than you. And that means no one is more qualified to talk about the puppies as individuals. And no one is better placed to describe them and match them with potential owners.

When you complete the puppy profiling course, you will be able to present your puppy owners with a complete guide to their individual puppies. What their personality is like, how well socialised they are and the exact areas they should focus their training on to bring out the best in their puppy. Your puppy owners are no longer confused, overwhelmed or trying to do it all. Instead, they have a tailored step by step guide to help them find their feet. Plus, you’ll get access to my tried and tested puppy buyer application form, so you can get the information you need to be a champion matchmaker.

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