The recent Royal Canin Vet Symposium, held in Montpellier on April 9th & 10th, brought together over 550 attendees from 64 countries worldwide.

The event, hosted at the Corum Congress Hall, featured conferences centred on the best practices for kittens and puppies, emphasising the importance of their early stages of life.

The symposium delved into the significance of the early stages of life for pets, pet owners, veterinary professionals, and clinic leaders. With sessions led by renowned international experts, attendees gained insights into neonatal examination, growth curve charts, understanding Gen Z pet owners, and learnings from human paediatrics.

Among the distinguished speakers were Neuroscientist Samah Karaki, Professor Alex German from the University of Liverpool, Veterinary Surgeon Liv. Oginska, and Nefertiti Greene, President of Science & Diagnostics at Mars Petcare. Keynotes were hosted by Cécile Coutens, Global President of Royal Canin, and Olivier Reymond, Vice-President of Pet Professionals & Corporate Affairs at Royal Canin.

Introducing the Royal Canin Neonatal and Pediatric Handbook

A highlight of the symposium was the launch of the Royal Canin Neonatal and Pediatric handbook for cats and dogs. Co-authored by 25 world-renowned experts, this comprehensive guide addresses key questions encountered in veterinary practice regarding paediatric care. Covering topics from parturition management to neonatology and growth, the handbook aims to provide essential tools for veterinary teams to ensure the optimal health of pets from an early age.

Cécile Coutens expressed her gratitude to the authors for their invaluable expertise and underscored the handbook’s importance in promoting optimum health throughout the lives of cats and dogs. The initiative aligns with Royal Canin’s commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a better world for pets through nutrition and healthcare.

Royal Canin’s Vet Symposium serves as a platform for collaboration among stakeholders in the veterinary community, facilitating the exchange of insights and advancements in pet care. By bringing together veterinarians, vet nurses, and technicians, the symposium reinforces the collective effort towards enhancing the health and well-being of cats and dogs, especially during the critical stage of early life.