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An Innovative Petshop and Doggy Snacks Supplier based in Mumbles and Sketty

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Innovation and Excellence in Wales

Discover Dewkes Limited, an innovative pet business founded in 2020 by James and Jane Bygate in South Wales. Born out of a love for animals and a unique challenge involving their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Duke, Dewkes stands out with its dog-centred pet/coffee shop concept.

Overcoming the hurdles of starting during the pandemic, they’ve grown from a single pet shop to a brand synonymous with transforming dog-friendly spaces into welcoming havens.

Their flagship product, Dewkes Snacks for Dogs, alongside their commitment to sustainability and community, showcases their dedication to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. Join us in exploring the inspiring journey and future ambitions of this dynamic enterprise.

Dewkes Pork Scratchings
Dewkes Interior

Key Facts

Business Name: Dewkes Limited

Founder/Owner Name(s): James & Jane Bygate

Location: Mumbles and Sketty, South Wales

Year Established: 2020

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Dewkes Healthy Snacks

Dewkes Healthy Snacks

In January 2021 my wife Jane and I decided to merge our love for animals with a new business venture and the idea of Dewkes was born. Our vision was to create a dog-centred, pet/coffee shop experience for dog owners and their four-legged friends. In March 2022 we opened our first Dewkes shop in Mumbles in Swansea and our second in Sketty eighteen months later.

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Duke” is the inspiration behind our business. However when we went to register the legal name of “Dukes” it was rejected by due to it containing a royal title.  Rather than seek the appropriate permissions from the Home Office, we changed the name to “Dewkes”, simpler and definitely more unique.

Our first pet shop opened in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic; we were in full lock down! We able to open being a “essential retail” business and our dog loving community pet shop grew from there!  Funnily enough given face masks were a requirement for months after the rules were relaxed we recognised the dogs and not the owners!!

Products & Services

As our retail business grew, we realised that although many pubs and cafes advertise themselves as dog friendly, they’re just dog tolerant. So, with the aim of creating more ‘Happy Dog = Happy Customer’ moments everywhere, we produced Dewkes Snacks for Dogs – a hospitality tray of treats to help transform dog-friendly spaces into dog-welcoming ones.

Each tray has four lovingly crafted, grain-free, and hypoallergenic treats to suit every canine dietary need. From a crunchy snack that cleans teeth to a long-lasting chew that keeps your pooch occupied while you relax and enjoy your coffee/beer, every treat is designed with a dog’s health and enjoyment in mind.

Dewkes Sharer Snack Pack

Target Audience and Customer Experience

Dewkes Dog Snaks Box
Our product is designed for “Dogs with a Social Life” we cater for dogs (and their owner) that are in any social setting across and are suited for all dog-friendly venues, from quaint farm shops and delis to bustling coffee shops and gastropubs.

Our hospitality range serves dual benefits: it opens new revenue channels for stockists while enhancing customer loyalty and extending dwell times, all the while focusing on canine well-being.

Having traditional bricks and mortar stores as well as a wholesale business means we have developed a large community of doggy customers.  Unfortunately, we are not open on a Sunday, but the dogs don’t realise this…We are often recipients of social media videos of dogs refusing to move past our front door as they really want their complimentary treat!

Operations and Team

We are a small team of 7, and have all bases covered!

  • James Bygate – CEO
  • Jane Bygate – Head of Operations
  • Gemma Hosking – Business Development Manager
  • Jacky Alder – National Accounts Manager
  • Angharad Williams – Retail Manager
  • Skye Hocking – Grooming Manager
  • Sally-Ann Stevens – Grooming Assistant
  • Sarah Cooper – Finance
  • Owen Mcintire – Marketing Executive

All our products are packaged by hand in South Wales.

As a small team we are all very close, which means we get plenty of opportunities to socialise with each other.

James and Jane Bygate

Dewkes Founders James and Jane Bygate

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Dewkes Fishy Bites
Our products are displayed in a Kraft POS display and individually wrapped in cellulose which is an alternative to conventional petrochemical packaging and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

In the shops we regularly collect and donate to support the local animal charities.

Marketing and Growth

Our main method of communications is through social media which allows us to see our wonderful customers enjoying the snacks.

2024 will see us starting to work with a number of new outlets and wholesalers which will provide a greater opportunity and reach for our products.

We are proud to be in partnership with Red Funnel Ferries and are stocked across their fleet of ferries in their dog friendly lounges.  They were the first Dog Friendly transport company we have worked with, and it has been a huge success amongst dog owners travelling to the Isle of Wight.

Along side Dewkes Snacks for Dogs we also have our own brand of Dog Food which is now the most popular brand of food sold from the Dewkes retail outlets.  Our food is 50% protein mix, hypoallergenic and grain free.  We are now getting several enquiries about stocking this food and have seen some excellent results amongst the fussier eaters!

Dewkes Dog Snaks Box

Advice and Insights

The pet industry is a passion that gets under your skin, Dewkes was started as a hobby and overnight became a career.  It’s important for anyone that wants to start a business, regardless of sector that they have an interest in it, love what they do, and the rest will follow.

Running a business is not easy, its tough but put all the effort in and the rewards are amazing!

Talking to people is key, as well as reading weekly trade publication emails and attending trade shows.  Get out there and learn.


Customers can connect with Dewkes on our website, via email and on our social channel (Facebook and Instagram!)

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