The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has spearheaded a joint submission with several veterinary organisations in response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) consultation on the UK veterinary services market for pets.

The CMA recently concluded a consultation on a proposed Market Investigation Reference after conducting an initial review of the UK veterinary services market for pets. The joint submission, comprising BVA, BSAVA, BVNA, SPVS, and VMG, provides further evidence to the CMA’s investigation of potential concerns.

Proposed Measures and BVA President’s Perspective

The submission advocates for certain voluntary measures regarding transparency of fees and ownership, which could be swiftly implemented before the conclusion of a market investigation. Additionally, a BVA working group is already developing guidance on transparency, client choice, and the value of veterinary care to support companion animal practices.

Dr. Anna Judson, President of the British Veterinary Association, emphasised the importance of maintaining a strong veterinary voice in the investigation. She highlighted the profession’s commitment to healthy competition and consumer choice, expressing readiness to address areas identified by the CMA.

Dr. Judson expressed disappointment at suggestions implying that veterinary professionals exploit owners’ concerns for their pets’ well-being for financial gain. She reaffirmed vets’ genuine dedication to animal welfare and criticised proposals that could exacerbate the challenges faced by veterinary teams.

Since the launch of the CMA’s review, veterinary teams have encountered increased abusive behaviour from clients. The BVA encourages practices to utilise their #RespectYourVetTeam resources to safeguard their teams against unacceptable client behaviour.