Vet Sam Price from Bangor, County Down, has been honored with the inaugural People’s Choice title in the renowned veterinary photography competition hosted by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and sponsored by iM3 Dental. Sam’s heartwarming photo of Winnie the dog, titled “Jumping For Joy,” captured the attention of voters and claimed the top spot in the Happy Pets That Make Us Smile category, while also being a finalist in the Vets at Work category.

Sam, a small animal practice vet, expressed delight at winning the competition with a candid shot taken during a regular beach walk with Winnie. The photo perfectly encapsulated a moment of pure joy as the dog raced around on the sand, aligning with the theme of Happy Pets That Make Us Smile. Sam added that witnessing Winnie’s enjoyment at the beach brought him immense happiness, and he was thrilled that the photo resonated with others as well.

In addition to the People’s Choice award, the competition recognized winners and highly commended images in three categories: Vets At Work, All Creatures Great And Small, and Happy Pets That Make Us Smile. The judging panel, consisting of BVA President Malcolm Morley, veterinary influencer Cat Henstridge, and iM3 Sales Manager Sue Emmerton, commended Sam’s winning photo for capturing the carefree and contented spirit of Winnie, a truly happy and healthy pet.

BVA President Malcolm Morley praised Sam’s work, acknowledging the captivating nature of the photo and its ability to evoke smiles. He commended Sam’s talent in capturing the essence of a joyous pet living its best life. The judges celebrated all the winners and finalists for their remarkable skills and creativity, highlighting the abundance of talent within the veterinary profession.

This year’s veterinary photography competition proved to be a showcase of heartwarming moments and impressive imagery, celebrating the beauty, happiness, and dedication found in the world of veterinary care.

You can see the full results for all competition categories here.


Photo credit: Sam Price