As the number of dogs in the UK continues to rise, the Academy of Veterinary Physiotherapy recognises the growing need for skilled professionals in animal sports massage and veterinary physiotherapy.

To meet this demand, the academy has introduced a new range of iPET Network qualifications, providing dog groomers with the opportunity to expand their services while continuing to work.

With many popular dog breeds susceptible to physical ailments, there is a pressing need for professionals trained in techniques to support their health and well-being. The newly launched qualifications offer a pathway for learners to gain expertise in animal sports massage, rehabilitation, and veterinary physiotherapy, catering to the growing demand for canine services.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

The qualifications, regulated by Ofqual and equivalent to a degree level 6, are designed to accommodate learners who wish to continue working while advancing their skills. Combining practical and theoretical learning, the courses cover a range of animal species, with a focus on canines and equines. This flexible approach allows candidates to earn recognition for their knowledge and practical abilities in a vocational setting.

Led by Wendy, an experienced IRVAP, RAMP, and AHPR registered therapist, the courses provide comprehensive training in animal health, behaviour, and welfare. Emphasising best practice, the curriculum covers key industry topics such as legislation, regulation, and effective collaboration within multi-disciplinary teams. Candidates will also develop advanced clinical reasoning skills and learn to design tailored treatment plans to address a variety of canine health issues.

Upon completing each level of the qualification, candidates have the opportunity to progress to higher qualifications, enabling continuous professional development. To learn more about these qualifications and how to register, visit With the demand for skilled professionals in animal health on the rise, these qualifications offer dog groomers a valuable opportunity to enhance their services and contribute to the well-being of pets across the UK.