Manchester’s Media City is abuzz with a unique campaign this month, as animal stars grace billboards to advocate for improved animal welfare on film sets.

Spearheaded by Vet on Set, the campaign shines a spotlight on the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of animals involved in television and film productions.

The billboard campaign features prominent animal stars like Chilli, renowned for her role as Linda Biscuits in Channel 4’s Late Night Lycett. Positioned at the heart of Salford’s film hub, the campaign highlights Vet on Set’s mission to safeguard the welfare of animals in the entertainment industry.

Partnership for Animal Welfare

In collaboration with Animal Direction, Vet on Set offers comprehensive support for animal actors, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout filming. The billboard, showcasing beloved animal stars, underscores the commitment to prioritising animal welfare in media productions.

Founded by veterinary nurse Rachel Bean and partner Davina Hamilton-Maddox, Vet on Set is dedicated to upholding animal welfare standards on sets across the UK. By providing qualified professionals and expert advice, the initiative aims to create a supportive environment for animals involved in television commercials, shows, films, and online videos.

Rachel Bean emphasises, “Animals play an integral role in media productions, but their welfare must remain paramount. Vet on Set ensures that animals receive the care and attention they deserve, allowing them to thrive in their roles.”

As the campaign gains momentum, Vet on Set continues to advocate for responsible animal handling in the entertainment industry, encouraging production teams to prioritise the welfare of their animal cast members.

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