Following sustained advocacy efforts by the British Veterinary Association (BVA), the Scottish Government has agreed to extend the neutering deadlines for XL Bully dogs.

In response to discussions with the BVA, the Scottish Government has amended its legislation to extend the neutering age window for XL Bully dogs from one year to the recommended 18 months. This adjustment aligns with welfare concerns regarding early neutering’s potential impact on the health and development of large dog breeds. The extended deadlines aim to balance the dogs’ health needs while addressing the anticipated increase in neutering procedures.

BVA President’s Response

Anna Judson, President of the BVA, commented on the development, stating, “We’re pleased to see the Scottish Government’s response to our advocacy efforts. By extending the neutering age window for XL Bullies, the government has taken a step towards safeguarding the health and welfare of these dogs while also supporting veterinary professionals in managing the increased demand for neutering services. This decision reflects a balanced approach to addressing the complexities of dog welfare legislation.”

While acknowledging the progress made, the BVA remains committed to advocating for broader legislative changes. President Anna Judson emphasised the need for a comprehensive review of dangerous dog legislation across the UK. The BVA advocates for legislation focusing on responsible dog breeding and ownership, early intervention, and enhanced enforcement to better protect public safety and address the root causes of dog-related incidents.

The BVA’s ongoing efforts underscore its dedication to promoting the welfare of animals and supporting veterinary professionals in delivering high-quality care. The association will continue to engage with policymakers to advocate for evidence-based legislative reforms that prioritise animal welfare and public safety.