The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) Discussion Forum is set to return on May 13, offering a platform for vital discussions on key animal welfare matters.

Hosted at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, the event will gather experts for debates centred around animal welfare, ethics, and rights, covering pressing topics such as euthanasia, animal behaviour, and insect welfare.

The forum’s first session, chaired by Professor Madeline Campbell, will delve into the concepts of animal welfare, ethics, and rights. Expert speakers like Dr. Sean Wensley, Angus Nurse, and Dr. Steven McCulloch will explore the scientific, legal, and ethical aspects, discussing the complexities of safeguarding animal welfare in the UK.

Decoding Euthanasia: “Better a day too early than a day too late?”

The second session, led by Dr. Polly Taylor, aims to address the complexities of delayed euthanasia in animals and how a team approach with decision-making tools can enhance animal welfare. Experts including Peter Sandoe, Kelly Eyre, Roxane Kirton, and Suzen Gregersen will offer insights into decision-making for better animal welfare.

Animal Behaviour: An Indicator of Welfare

This session, headed by speakers like Jo Hockenhull, Marian Dawkins, Nikki McLeod, and Carrie Tooley, will focus on understanding animal behaviour as a critical indicator of animal welfare. Attendees will gain deeper insights into leveraging behavioural knowledge to enhance animal welfare.

Insect Welfare: A Growing Concern

The forum will also delve into the global Insects as Food and Feed (IAFF) industry. It will, examine the lack of policy and regulation around insect farming and the understanding of insect sentience. Meghan Barrett and Jonathan Birch will shed light on protecting insect welfare in food production.

Attendees will get updates on AWF-funded research, engaging lightning talks, and an evening reception to network with experts. Chair of the Animal Welfare Foundation, Julian Kupfer, emphasised the forum’s role in shaping animal welfare standards. BVA’s Senior Vice President, Malcolm Morley, highlighted the event’s significance in fostering debates on critical animal welfare issues.

Tickets & More Information

Standard tickets priced at £135 include lunch and the evening reception. Concessions are available for students, recent graduates, and veterinary nurses. To purchase tickets and learn more about the programme and speakers, visit