Mr. Bug, a Devon-based UK company crafting insect-based dog food, received prestigious recognition as the winner of the 2024 Startups 100 | Just Started Award.

This accolade celebrates their remarkable growth, success, and influence in the industry, achieved within just one year of operation.

The company embarked on a mission to reshape perceptions around insect protein in the Western world. Recognising the hesitancy to embrace insects as a primary food source, they strategically pivoted towards creating sustainable, nutritious dog treats from mealworms. This strategic move not only addressed market demands for insect dog food as an alternative to meat, but also aligned with their broader goal of reducing reliance on traditional meat sources in the UK.

Their commitment to innovation and sustainability attracted industry attention, additionally securing a substantial £270k Innovate UK grant and earning them various accolades, including the esteemed Global Good Product of the Year award.

Shifting Public Opinion

The UK’s Small Business Commissioner, who was a guest judge for the awards, said, “Mr Bug is tapping into what will be a growing need, taking the risk as an early adopter and innovating, while demonstrating one practical solution and shifting public opinion and human behaviour.

“Innovative, growing impressively and demonstrating the potential to play an important part in resolving impending food supply insecurity exacerbated by climate change. What is starting fairly small here could have huge potential around the globe.”

The award signifies more than just early triumphs; it stands as a testament to their potential to create a global impact, tackling food supply insecurities while also confronting the challenges posed by climate change.

“We are more motivated than ever to continue our journey, driven by innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and the passion to create a healthier, greener future for both pets and the planet,” Mr. Bug said in a statement. “Join us as we take this moment to look back at our milestones and forward to an exciting, impactful future.”