BillyChip®, a social enterprise scheme dedicated to aiding rough sleepers, has reported a noteworthy achievement in its recent partnership with Jollyes, crowned as the Pet Industry Federation’s 2023 retail chain of the year.

The collaboration, launched just six weeks ago, has already amassed over £25,000 in donations to support homeless individuals and their pets. Since the launch of the partnership, Jollyes customers have purchased more than 12,000 BillyChips, demonstrating an overwhelming response to the initiative. The £2 BillyChip serves as a unique street currency, providing a safe and secure means for customers to contribute to the welfare of the homeless. The purchased BillyChips can be personally donated to those on the streets or deposited in a designated box at the register.

Versatile Use of BillyChips

A BillyChip serves a dual purpose, offering choice to the giver and addressing concerns associated with direct giving to the homeless. The £2 token can be exchanged for cans of dog food, benefiting those homeless individuals with pets. Alternatively, the BillyChip can be used in participating cafes and restaurants, providing the holder with a hot drink or meal.

Jollyes, recognized as the first partner to extend BillyChip beyond the food and services sector, successfully implemented the scheme across 98 stores in December. Customers at Jollyes Kettering store, in particular, embraced the initiative, purchasing 1,600 £2 tokens for distribution among the homeless in Northamptonshire or leaving them at the till for subsequent use in acquiring dog food for pets of the homeless.

Expanding Network and Impact

BillyChip continues to expand its network of partners, with Jollyes joining established supporters like Central Co-Op and Greggs. The partnership will see BillyChip and Jollyes collaboratively donating dog food to the homeless on a quarterly basis starting March 2024. The value of the purchased BillyChip tokens will determine the donation, with Jollyes committing to doubling the size of the contribution.

Jon Hope, Co-Founder of BillyChip, expressed enthusiasm for the rapid success of the partnership, stating, “Jollyes customers have taken BillyChip to their hearts, showing us how pet owners around the UK are ready and willing to support others in their communities.” Jollyes Chief Executive Officer, Joe Wykes, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the positive response from both customers and colleagues and expressing hope for continued success in supporting the homeless and their pets.