Astrapet Ltd, a prominent pet retail chain with 31 years in the business, has officially integrated into the Pet Family Group, marking a significant development in the UK pet retail sector.

Originating as a single-shop venture, Astrapet Ltd has expanded into a small chain, managing Natural World Pets stores in Leicester and Northampton, and K9 by Natural World stores in Newark and Northants, all of which will continue to operate under their current brands.

Shared Values and Expansion

The Pet Family Group, includes the well-known Pets Corner and aligns with Astrapet Ltd’s family-run business ethos. It is set to broaden its already substantial reach, which includes 151 pet retail stores, 40 dog grooming spas, a veterinary business, and a diverse range of pet foods and accessories. Dean Richmond, CEO of Pets Corner, expressed excitement about the merger, citing shared values of caring, knowledgeable staff, and quality products between the entities.

Acknowledging Advisory and Legal Support

The merger was facilitated with corporate finance advisory services provided by Integrity Corporate Finance and legal services from DFA Law, led by Kirsty Simmonds. The integration of Astrapet Ltd into the Pet Family Group promises a future of potential and innovation in the pet retail industry, with a continued commitment to providing quality products and services to pets and their owners.