Birmingham Dogs Home launches a heartwarming Christmas single, “Lonely Paws: I’m waiting for you!”. The song aims to raise crucial funds for the welfare of dogs during the festive period.

With the holidays approaching, numerous dogs in the Midlands are set to spend Christmas at the shelter. The charity hopes this initiative will help support their care. The shelter has seen a surge in dogs needing care due to the cost-of-living crisis, resulting in an increased number of animals being relinquished by their families.

Over two hundred dogs, varying in age and size, currently reside at the rescue centres near Solihull and Wolverhampton. Birmingham Dogs Home relies solely on the generosity of supporters as well as the local community as they receive no government funding.

‘Overwhelming number’ of homeless dogs

“Lonely Paws: I’m waiting for you!” has been produced and sponsored by National Gas Metering, a leading gas meter manager in the UK, working closely with the dog home to raise essential funds for the charity. The upbeat and energetic song, penned by local songwriter Dom Scohy, narrates the heartwarming story of a lonely dog finding a forever family in time for Christmas.

Maxine Long, Director of National Gas Metering, shares, “Our collaboration with the shelter aims to shed light on the remarkable work they do. Having personally adopted a dog from Birmingham Dogs Home, I’ve witnessed the challenges they face in caring for the many dogs that come through their doors.”

Fiona Harrison, Head of Fundraising and Communications, expresses concern over the overwhelming number of homeless dogs at this time of year, emphasising the necessity for public support. The aim is to raise substantial funds to ensure the shelter can continue rescuing and caring for these animals, not only during the festive season but also in the year ahead.

Those interested can access the song through various platforms and are also encouraged to contribute donations through the dedicated link provided by Birmingham Dogs Home. The charity hopes this initiative will garner substantial public support to aid in the care and welfare of these deserving dogs.

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