VetPartners, a prominent veterinary organization, has designated StreetVet as its chosen charity for the year 2024.

StreetVet, an organization committed to delivering free veterinary care and services to pets belonging to individuals experiencing homelessness, will be the focus of fundraising efforts and volunteer initiatives throughout the VetPartners community.

Aiding the Homeless and Their Pets

StreetVet, founded in 2016 by vets Jade Statt and Sam Joseph, operates as a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Additionally, with a dedicated team of over 500 volunteer vets and veterinary nurses, StreetVet takes veterinary care to the streets, addressing the needs of both homeless individuals and their animal companions.

Recognising the profound bond between people and their pets, VetPartners CEO Jo Malone emphasized the significance of addressing the health and well-being of pets owned by those experiencing homelessness. The StreetVet-Accredited Hostel Scheme, a part of StreetVet’s initiatives, works towards keeping owners and their pets together. This also means providing free veterinary care to registered pets in hostels and supporting hostel managers and staff in implementing positive pet policies.

VetPartners’ Commitment to Giving Back

VetPartners colleagues will actively participate in fundraising activities to support StreetVet’s mission. The funds raised will contribute to essential pet care services, including purchasing medication, funding life-saving operations, providing daily essentials for pets – as well as ensuring StreetVet teams are equipped with the necessary tools during their outreach to pets on the streets.

VetPartners CEO Jo Malone expressed confidence in the commitment of colleagues to giving back to worthy causes. The chosen charity, StreetVet, aligns with the compassionate values of VetPartners, and the fundraising efforts are expected to make a meaningful impact.

“As vets we know the bond between people and their pets is profound and for people experiencing homelessness, their companions can be their lifeline so their health and wellbeing is a major priority for their owners,” Malone added. “Our colleagues are incredibly caring and committed to giving back to worthy causes. I think this is going to be a well-supported charity, and I can’t wait to see what kind of fundraising activities they organise.”

StreetVet’s Vision for 2024

StreetVet aims to expand its reach in 2024, working towards having more vets and vet nurses on the streets to assist an increasing number of people and pets in need. Jade Statt, Co-Founder and Clinical Director at StreetVet, also expressed pride in being chosen as VetPartners’ charity of the year partner for 2024. The donations received from VetPartners will play a pivotal role in enabling StreetVet to continue providing essential veterinary care to pets of those experiencing homelessness across the UK.

By supporting the pets, StreetVet also contributes significantly to the overall well-being of their owners, recognising the interconnectedness of their health and happiness.

“Unfortunately, the need for our services continues to rise significantly, especially since the cost of living crisis,” Statt added. “Funding is crucial in allowing us to meet this increase in demand, so all the funds raised will have a significant impact in helping us to continue the work we do.”