Bone Idol Academy is at the forefront of promoting education in the pet industry, and their latest move is set to give pet professionals and enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of canine nutrition.

The academy is now offering two comprehensive courses: the Canine Nutrition Pro and the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition. Both aim to equip learners with valuable insights into this vital subject.

Enhancing Knowledge Through Remote Learning

Through remote learning, the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma provides a flexible option for existing pet professionals seeking to expand their expertise. It’s also an excellent starting point for newcomers interested in embarking on a career in the pet industry. Learners worldwide can access the course from anywhere.

The Canine Nutrition Pro course, on the other hand, is designed for those within the pet food industry, particularly in retail. This course gives participants a deep understanding of the expanding range of options available in the market. With this new knowledge, they will be able to better guide and assist their customers.

Cutting Through the Canine Nutrition Maze

Francesca Ford, a qualified Canine Nutritionist and tutor at Bone Idol Academy, said: “Canine nutrition can be a minefield, with so many conflicting claims from brands. But this course enables learners to cut through all the noise and learn the facts, which they can use to move forward in their career.”

She added that achieving qualification or completing the course are “a serious plus point for new customers who are struggling to navigate the world of nutrition themselves, and gives you another way to help your clients live their best lives”.

In 2023, Bone Idol Academy underwent a significant transformation by launching a new website, which now features their online learning and education offerings. This expansion is in response to the growing pet care industry, as dog owners seek quality services and unbiased guidance.

Course Details and Benefits

The iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition qualification covers various aspects of nutrition. This includes understanding the main nutrient groups and their sources as well as the canine digestive system. Meanwhile, the Canine Nutrition PRO course helps learners meet their customers’ needs and read a UK dog food label with knowledge and confidence.

The iPET Network Level 3 Diploma course, priced at £1,295, offers nine two-hour video lessons and eight coursework modules. In contrast, the Canine Nutrition PRO course, at £175, includes two two-hour live video calls and comprehensive course content.

To learn more about these courses and enrol, visit Bone Idol Academy.