Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva), a prominent global animal health company operating in 110 countries, has announced its strategic acquisition of Scout Bio, a pioneer in biotechnology specialising in advanced therapies for pets.

The move signifies a substantial leap in innovation for Ceva, providing access to cutting-edge developments such as a pipeline of monoclonal antibodies and gene therapy to address chronic pet diseases.

Boosting Global Biotechnology Activities

With a commitment to maintaining strong positions in biological and preventive medicine for all species, Ceva aims to enhance its global biotechnology initiatives through this strategic acquisition. Scout Bio’s legacy and its agile approach to biotherapeutic innovation are expected to contribute significantly to Ceva’s future growth in this domain.

Mark Heffernan, former CEO of Scout Bio and now Senior Vice President of Biotherapeutics and CEO of Ceva Biotechnology Campus (Philadelphia), expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. He stated, “With this acquisition, Ceva is ready to write a new chapter. The strength of the Group, which is one of the leaders in animal health, will propel our existing and future initiatives to new heights.”

Heffernan emphasised Ceva’s recognition not only of Scout Bio’s innovative contributions but also of their commitment to the execution of high-quality clinical studies. He believes that the combined strengths of Ceva and Scout Bio will accelerate biotherapeutic innovation for the betterment of pets and the satisfaction of their owners.

Maintaining a Strong Relationship with the Gene Therapy Program (GTP)

In a commitment to continuity, Ceva will uphold a strong relationship with the Gene Therapy Program (GTP) at the University of Pennsylvania, where Scout Bio originated. Scout Bio emerged as a spin-out from Dr. James M. Wilson’s lab, and the collaboration between Scout Bio and Penn’s Gene Therapy Program has resulted in multiple programs in the emerging field of gene therapy. Ceva aims to build upon this success, progressing existing programs and exploring new opportunities for disruptive technologies to advance animal health.

Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Chairman and CEO of Ceva, highlighted the pivotal nature of the Scout Bio acquisition. He stated, “This integration of expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to innovation opens new horizons for Ceva.” With the growing trend of ‘pet humanization,’ where owners seek to enhance the lives and well-being of their pets, the strategic alliance positions Ceva to lead in shaping the future of biotherapeutic solutions for pets worldwide.