Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN), a prominent pet food manufacturer renowned for brands like Harringtons and Wagg, has undertaken a substantial investment exceeding £30 million.

The investment aims to elevate its facilities in Yorkshire and Wales, reinforcing its commitment to providing top-quality nutrition for pets.

IPN has allocated over £6 million to enhance its wet food facility located in Kinmel, Wales. The investment is set to more than double the facility’s current capacity. This strategic move aligns with IPN’s dedication to meeting the rising demand for its wet pet food products while maintaining high production standards.

Focus on Quality, Taste, and Nutrition

A substantial portion of the investment, approximately £25 million, has been directed towards IPN’s Thirsk-based factory. This investment serves a multi-faceted purpose, including augmenting technical capabilities, expanding the product range, and incorporating a higher proportion of fresh ingredients into their pet food formulations.

IPN says that the investment underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring that its portfolio of brands and products consistently deliver the highest standards in quality, taste, and nutritional value.

Anthony Stones, Chief Operating Officer at IPN, additionally highlighted the significance of this substantial investment in upholding the company’s core values. He emphasised the century-long commitment to recipe development and brand portfolio enhancement. The investment enables IPN to exercise better control over recipe quality and ingredient traceability, essential elements for maintaining the company’s high standards.

Future Improvements

Stones further explained that the investment encompasses expanding the technical team, establishing a new laboratory, and integrating real-time testing equipment. These advancements in infrastructure and capabilities are expected to bring continuous improvements to both product offerings and manufacturing processes.

As the pet industry continues to evolve, IPN’s strategic investments position the company for sustained growth and excellence in delivering nutritional solutions for pets across the UK. The developments in facilities and capabilities are also expected to fortify IPN’s market presence and uphold its reputation for providing top-tier pet nutrition.