Mars, Incorporated has confirmed the appointment of Christoph Heyn as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for their Petcare division. This announcement comes as Christoph prepares to transition from his role as Global Vice President, Digital at IKEA to join Mars Petcare on November 27.

In this novel position, Heyn will be responsible for steering the global scaling of signature digital products. Additionally, he will oversee the development of vital areas of digital capabilities throughout the company. This initiative aims to bolster Mars Petcare’s responsiveness to the diverse needs of pet owners across its various business models. Christoph will work directly under Leonid Sudakov, the President of Growth, Digital & Platforms.

Christoph’s vast experience includes significant contributions in the sectors of retail, hospitality, and financial services. Notably, during his tenure at IKEA, he played a pivotal role in its evolution from a predominantly store-based retail format to a comprehensive omni-channel business model. This transition resulted in IKEA’s platform receiving visits from billions of customers each year.

Leonid Sudakov on Christoph’s Induction

Leonid Sudakov, President Growth, Digital & Platforms at Mars Petcare, expressed his optimism regarding Christoph’s inclusion. He mentioned, “Christoph’s distinctive leadership experience in consumer-centric technology across multiple relevant sectors will undoubtedly augment the value we offer to our business and pet owners. The overarching goal is to expedite the transformation of our digital products and services. I am genuinely elated to have Christoph onboard.”

Upon reflecting on his forthcoming role at Mars Petcare, Christoph shared his enthusiasm. He remarked, “Observing Mars’s metamorphosis in Petcare over the past ten years, ranging from nutrition to care and platforms, and their dedication to creating A Better World for Pets, one can’t help but appreciate the vision and resolve. I’m eager to be a part of this team and contribute to the enhancement of the digital domain, making pet ownership more streamlined and delightful.”

Mars Petcare’s Commitment to Digital Progression

This recent development underscores Mars Petcare’s unwavering commitment to integrating digitalisation and technology to fast-track business transformation. The end goal remains consistent: to optimise their services for the millions of pets and pet owners, thereby fulfilling their mission to create A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

Mars, a global front-runner in pet care, boasts a robust team of over 100,000 associates. These individuals are dedicated to aiding pets, pet owners, and professionals in the pet industry across more than 130 countries. Their extensive services encompass comprehensive veterinary care, nutrition, avant-garde programs in diagnostics, wearable health monitoring, DNA testing, and platforms dedicated to pet parents.