In a recent incident in Brisley, near Fakenham, Norfolk, police were called to respond to an alarming situation involving an XL Bully dog. The dog had turned aggressive, attacking its owner in her back garden.

Upon arriving at the scene after receiving reports of a woman “screaming for help,” the police found the woman, in her 60s, severely wounded from the attack. Before the authorities could intervene, the XL Bully managed to escape and headed towards the village primary school, causing further concern.

The school, which is attended by 75 young pupils, went into immediate lockdown. Students were kept securely in their classrooms while the situation was being handled.

Police Search and Action

While the situation within the school was controlled, the actual threat remained. Police discovered the dog tied to a post in the school’s car park. Considering the potential risks and after failed attempts to contact veterinarians for assistance to sedate the dog, the decision was made to euthanise the animal in the interests of public safety.

The owner of the dog, despite the traumatic attack, did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Official Statement on the Incident

Inspector Diana Woodage provided a statement on the incident, highlighting the challenge faced by officers at the scene. She said, “Officers were faced with an incredibly difficult situation when they arrived at the scene – a woman being viciously attacked by her dog and was very clearly injured and in some pain. In the interests of public safety and at the request of the owner, the dog was humanely destroyed.”

Growing Concerns about XL Bullies

This incident has brought the issue of XL Bully dogs to the forefront once again, especially as the Government is currently considering a ban on American XL bully dogs. This decision has been influenced by a string of reported attacks involving the breed. Notably, last October, a 20-month-old toddler was attacked in the street by an unmuzzled XL bully, leading to the dog owner facing potential jail time.

With incidents like these on the rise, the debate around the breed and the responsibilities of their owners remains a pertinent issue in the dog business community.