Animal insurance firm Cliverton is set to contribute £1 million to charities through the 2024 Movement for Good Awards, facilitated by its parent company, Benefact Group.

This initiative has already donated over £5 million to charities in the UK and Ireland since its inception in 2019. Individuals are encouraged to nominate deserving charities to receive a £1,000 grant. Nominations can be made conveniently through the online platform at Head of Cliverton, Peter Knowles, emphasises the broad impact of the awards, spanning from youth clubs and homelessness support to mental health services and aid for victims of domestic abuse.

Empowering Smaller Charities

Knowles highlights that public nominations empower smaller, less prominent charities, offering them an opportunity to benefit. Beyond the £1,000 allocations, the campaign includes special draws, where charities operating within specific sectors have the chance to receive a more substantial grant of £5,000.

Mark Hews, Group Chief Executive of Benefact Group, expresses the company’s dedication to charitable giving. As a family of award-winning financial services companies and the third-largest corporate donor to charity in the UK, Benefact Group channels its available profits into supporting various causes. Having donated over £200 million since 2014, the group aims to reach £250 million in charitable contributions by 2025.

Movement for Good Funded by EIO plc

The Movement for Good campaign is financially supported by EIO plc, a crucial component of the Benefact Group. The overarching goal is to create a positive impact by allocating funds to charities and contributing to the welfare of communities.

With Cliverton and Benefact Group’s ongoing commitment to philanthropy, the Movement for Good Awards continue to be a beacon of support for charities, reflecting the organisations’ dedication to making a meaningful difference in society.