This Easter, London’s dog lovers have something extra special to celebrate as Deliveroo introduces ‘Deliver-Woof’ – a dog-friendly chocolate egg crafted exclusively for our furry friends.

Made with 100% safe ingredients and essential nutrients, these limited-edition treats allow pups to indulge in the seasonal festivities without the risk of harm.

The ‘Deliver-Woof’ Easter egg is shaped like Deliveroo’s iconic ‘Roo’ head and presented in a bespoke, dog-themed egg box. Available from select Deliveroo Editions sites across the UK, including London, the ‘Deliver-Woof’ egg will be on offer for £5 on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March, just in time for the Easter weekend. With all proceeds going to Woodgreen Pets Charity, pet parents can treat their furry companions while supporting a worthy cause.

A Safe and Canine-Friendly Alternative to Chocolate

The launch of ‘Deliver-Woof’ comes as new research reveals that over two thirds (69%) of Londoners wish to include their dogs in Easter celebrations. Yet, concerns about the dangers of traditional chocolate to pets remain prevalent, with over half (56%) of pet parents feeling anxious about chocolate consumption by their four-legged friends.

Partnering with Woodgreen Pets Charity, Deliveroo aims to provide a safe alternative to traditional chocolate eggs, ensuring pets can join in the Easter fun without compromising their health. With tips from the charity on pet safety during the festive season, Deliveroo strives to promote responsible pet ownership while spreading joy to dogs and their owners alike.

Tips for a Pet-Safe Easter Celebration

Woodgreen Pets Charity offers valuable guidance for pet parents to navigate the Easter season safely:

  • Keep Chocolate Out of Reach: Store chocolate treats in pet-proof locations to prevent accidental ingestion by curious pets.
  • Educate Guests: Inform visitors about foods that are harmful to pets, including chocolate, hot cross buns, and simnel cake, to avoid inadvertent sharing.
  • Supervise Easter Activities: Monitor pets during Easter egg hunts to ensure they steer clear of human treats and decorations.
  • Engage in Safe Games: Incorporate tail-wagging games that involve hiding treats for pets to find, promoting mental and physical stimulation.
  • Provide Rest Time: Allow pets to relax in a quiet space after festivities, ensuring they have a safe retreat away from the excitement.

Supporting Woodgreen Pets Charity

Fiona Cooke, Head of Specialist Services at Woodgreen Pets Charity, expresses gratitude for the partnership with Deliveroo, emphasising the importance of pet safety during Easter celebrations. With the proceeds from ‘Deliver-Woof’ contributing to Woodgreen’s vital work in rehabilitating and rehoming pets, every purchase makes a meaningful difference.

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo echoes the sentiment, highlighting the company’s commitment to pet welfare and community support. By offering ‘Deliver-Woof’ as a paw-some Easter treat, Deliveroo als aims to enhance the holiday experience for pets and their owners while also championing a worthy cause.

The limited-edition ‘Deliver-Woof’ Easter egg is available exclusively via Deliveroo Editions in London, Bristol, Glasgow, and Manchester, from Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th March, priced at £5. Pet parents can also explore a range of pup-friendly treats in the ‘Deliveroo Shopping’ section of the app.

For those looking to donate directly to Woodgreen Pets Charity or discover more about their initiatives, visit their website. Whether indulging in Easter delights or promoting pet safety, Deliveroo and Woodgreen Pets Charity join forces to make this holiday season a memorable and pet-friendly affair.