A 30-year-old from Horsham, West Sussex, talks about how she harnessed her love for dogs and embarked on a dog-walking side hustle that has earned her hundreds of pounds.

Financial platform CashLady.com has teamed up with Louisa Clack to encourage fellow animal enthusiasts to explore this lucrative avenue for earning extra income – and share some tips on how to start.

A Dog-Lover’s Dream Gig

Louisa’s journey into the world of dog walking began in June 2023, when she joined the dog-sitting platform Rover. Over the course of four months, she managed to pocket around £400, equating to an average of £100 per month.

Louisa, a freelance PR and branding consultant, shared her motivation for venturing into dog walking, explaining: “I really love dogs and spending time with them, so I thought why not earn some money doing something I enjoy while work was a little quiet! I also like that it keeps me active as my day job is mainly sedentary and can be a little lonely too.”

She pointed out the immense satisfaction she derives from her side hustle, noting: “I like the fact that it feeds my soul as well as my bank account. But it’s not just me who benefits – it’s the dogs as well. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some anxious dogs who are now improving with each walk, which makes me so happy!”

A Promising Future for Louisa’s Dog Walking Business

While dog walking started out as a side hustle, now Louisa envisions a future where she can balance it with her day job. She aspires to allocate three days a week to her PR business and devote the remaining three days to spending quality time with the dogs she adores. She has cultivated two repeat customers who appreciate her dedication.

Her walks take place in a variety of scenic locations, often near the owners’ homes, allowing her to explore woodlands, fields, parks, and urban streets. Louisa ensures each dog’s walk is an hour-long adventure, catering to their exercise needs and exploring the local surroundings.

Tips for Aspiring Dog Walkers

For those looking to follow in Louisa’s footsteps and embark on a dog-walking venture, she offers valuable advice:

1. Gain Sufficient Experience: Louisa underscores the importance of having enough experience with dogs before taking on the responsibility of walking them. Each dog has its unique personality, and it’s crucial to be prepared for the challenge.

2. Consider Insurance: Some platforms, like Rover, offer customers a pet care guarantee. You should however research whether you need additional insurance for dog walking.

3. Embrace the Experience: If you’re experienced with dogs and seeking a side hustle that not only benefits your financial health but also your mental and physical well-being, Louisa encourages you to take the leap. You never know the joy of meeting new furry friends and discovering the world from their perspective.