Dorwest Directors Jo Boughton-White and Ben Boughton-White are proud to announce their support for the 100 & First Foundation, a charity dedicated to reducing re-offending rates among prisoners.

The 100 & First Foundation runs transformative courses in prisons aimed at changing offenders’ mindsets. Launched in 2020 by Managing Director and co-founder Will Fraser, the foundation’s mission is to inspire, provide hope, and instil self-worth in offenders to create positive personal change and prevent re-offending. The foundation’s approach starts both ‘inside the prison’ and ‘inside the person’, using real-life experiences as frameworks for beneficiaries to drive their own change.

Bars to Business: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills

One of the foundation’s key initiatives, the Bars to Business project, focuses on teaching entrepreneurial competencies such as creative problem solving and taking initiative. The aim is to help ex-offenders start their own businesses and enhance their employability.

The project involves a four-week course where prisoners develop a small business idea, learn necessary entrepreneurial skills, and produce a business plan to effectively communicate their idea. The course concludes with participants delivering a pitch to an audience that includes family, friends, senior prison staff, and business leaders.

Jo and Ben Boughton-White have recently participated in this pitch panel, providing feedback and drawing from their own business experience. Jo remarked, “The Bars to Business project was a pleasure to be part of, supporting our local community and helping ex-offenders grow their entrepreneurial skills, looking to return to society successfully with a fantastic business plan.”

Continued Involvement and Support

Beyond their involvement in the Bars to Business project, Jo and Ben also serve on the Employment Advisory Board (EAB) at HMP Portland, contributing to the ongoing support and integration of ex-offenders into society.

In addition to their direct support, the 100 & First Foundation recently organised a 52km walk with a 450m elevation to raise awareness about the high re-offending rate in the UK, which currently stands at 52%. This event took place on 14th June and was part of the foundation’s efforts to highlight and address the challenges faced by ex-offenders.