At the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s (BSAVA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20th June, Julian Hoad was officially appointed as the BSAVA President for the 2024-25 term. He succeeds Carl Gorman in this role.

Julian Hoad aims to build on the progress made by his predecessor, focusing on a ‘programme of change’ designed to enhance the sense of community within the BSAVA and the broader veterinary profession. His vision is to further solidify the association’s relevance and standing as a crucial voice for small animal veterinary professionals.

Julian Hoad’s Inaugural Speech

In his speech at the AGM, Julian expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm: “I am very humbled as I stand here today as your 67th President. It is certainly the pinnacle of my veterinary career, and the greatest honour yet bestowed on me in life. We continue to live in exciting times at BSAVA, and as ever, I join a team of utterly amazing staff at Woodrow House.”

He added, “I really do believe that the BSAVA will continue to go from strength to strength and will continue to maintain its relevance and position as the indispensable voice of the small animal veterinary profession.”

Julian began his journey with the BSAVA shortly after his graduation, initially volunteering for the Southeastern Regional committee, where he eventually became Chair. His dedication saw him take on various roles within the association, including positions on the BSAVA Education Committee, the BSAVA PetSavers Grants Awarding Committee, and most recently, the Publications Committee. Two years ago, he joined the Presidential ladder as Junior Vice President.

Outside his extensive volunteer work with the BSAVA, Julian also had a long tenure at Crossways Vets in West Sussex. He served there for 17 years, first as a partner, then as an owner, and finally as a Clinical Director. He has since stepped down from his role at the practice to fully commit to his presidency at the BSAVA.

Julian concluded, “I will be aided and abetted by my colleagues and our amazing volunteers all over the country, and I cannot thank you enough for putting your faith in me as your new President.”