An English dog behaviour practitioner, Ali Stickler, alongside Dutch ex-guide dog breeding and puppy consultant, Anke Terbruggen, have marked the second anniversary of their dog rescue association, Dawn & Dusk, with a significant move to new, larger premises.

Located on the borders of Tarn and Garonne in South-West France, the association aims to provide care for abandoned and elderly dogs, as well as orphaned puppies.

With a focus on aiding dogs that face challenges finding homes due to age, health issues, or trauma, Dawn & Dusk recently relocated to larger premises. This move allows them to extend their support to more dogs, offering bespoke care tailored to each animal’s needs in a serene environment.

A Lifeline for Dogs

Anke Terbruggen emphasises the pressing need for such initiatives, stating, “Sadly, many old dogs are abandoned or left homeless due to various reasons, including the death or illness of their owners. Additionally, the prevalence of unspayed dogs in France often leads to unwanted pregnancies and abandoned litters. Associations like Dawn & Dusk play a crucial role in providing assistance to these vulnerable animals.”

Currently, Dawn & Dusk provides a home to seven elderly dogs and has facilitated the adoption of five litters of abandoned puppies. One such success story is Dolly, a pregnant dog found living wild with a bullet wound. Thanks to the care provided by Dawn & Dusk, Dolly safely gave birth and now resides permanently at the association.

Community Support and Ongoing Work

Supported by a dedicated team of eight individuals and a network of volunteers, Dawn & Dusk operates with a mission to provide comfort and care to dogs in need. Volunteers not only assist in caring for the dogs but also contribute to renovating and securing the new premises.

Dawn & Dusk relies on charitable donations and volunteer efforts to continue their vital work. To learn more about their initiatives, make a donation, or volunteer your services, visit their website.