Rob Greenslade, a 44-year-old father from Barnstaple, Devon, went above and beyond for a charitable cause, completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise essential funds for the prominent veterinary charity, PDSA.

Rob embarked on the 13-mile challenge as part of his personal recovery journey from mental health struggles. Motivated to become a healthier and happier version of himself, running became a therapeutic outlet. Choosing the Royal Parks Half Marathon as a goal, he saw an opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause simultaneously.

Furry Inspiration and Charity Choice

Living with his wife, two sons, and a four-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Crumble, Rob found solace and support in his dog during his mental health recovery. Wanting to give back to pets in need, he conducted research on animal charities and identified PDSA as the perfect choice.

PDSA operates 48 Pet Hospitals, providing veterinary care to sick and injured pets whose owners face financial constraints. Rob’s fundraising efforts contribute to sustaining this vital service, ensuring that the bond between owners and their pets remains unbroken.

Raising Nearly £1,000 for PDSA

The Royal Parks Half Marathon route took runners past iconic London landmarks, including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Rob successfully completed the challenge, and through generous donations from friends and family, he raised an impressive £490 for PDSA. His employer matched this amount, resulting in an overall donation of almost £1,000 to the veterinary charity.

Jojo Blythen, PDSA’s Public Fundraising Manager, expressed gratitude to Rob for his significant contribution. She emphasized that his fundraising efforts would enable PDSA to continue its life-saving work, providing treatment for pets whose owners face financial hardships.

PDSA remains the UK’s largest veterinary charity, offering crucial support to pets whose owners struggle to afford necessary treatment. Rob’s commitment to the cause exemplifies the impact individuals can make in ensuring vulnerable pets receive the care they need.