Ticks are common parasites among dogs, posing risks of transmitting infections, making tick prevention and removal crucial for pet owners.

When it comes to tick removal, prompt action is key. The team at tails.com have revealed their top advice for removing ticks from your dog, how you can look out for ticks in their coats, and what you can do to prevent ticks in the future

Utilising a tick-removal tool is recommended to safely extract the tick from your dog’s skin, minimising the risk of infection transmission. It’s important not to squeeze the tick during removal, as this can increase the risk of infection. Instead, dispose of the tick in tissue and wash your hands thoroughly.

Tick Prevention Tactics

To prevent tick infestations, consider the following tactics:

  1. Tick Treatment for Dogs: Ensure your dog receives effective anti-parasite protection, including tick treatment.
  2. Spray Repellents: Use spray repellents on clothing and pet accessories before outdoor activities.
  3. Dress Appropriately: Wear long sleeves and trousers when walking in tick-prone areas, and avoid walking through tall grass.
  4. Garden Maintenance: Keep grass short and clear wild undergrowth in your garden to deter ticks.
  5. Tick Checks: Regularly inspect yourself and your dog for ticks after outdoor activities.
  6. Lyme Disease Vaccination: Consider getting your dog vaccinated against Lyme disease if you frequently visit high-risk tick areas.

By implementing these tick prevention tactics and promptly addressing tick infestations, pet owners – as well as dog sitters and dog walkers – can safeguard dogs against tick-related health risks. As every dog is unique, consulting with a vet to determine the most suitable preventive measures is advisable.