Pets Choice Ltd has announced its acquisition of the premium pet food brand, Vet’s Kitchen, from Pets’ Kitchen Ltd, with sales transitioning to Pets Choice from 1st June 2024.

Vet’s Kitchen will integrate into Pets Choice’s portfolio of renowned pet brands, including Webbox, Bob Martin, Felight, TastyBone, and B-Calm. This acquisition aligns with Pets Choice’s strategic goal of enhancing its presence in the premium and advanced nutrition sectors.

Following the acquisition, Pets’ Kitchen Ltd will shift its focus towards developing clinical veterinary practices under the Vet’s Klinic brand. However, a long-term collaboration agreement between Pets Choice and Pets’ Kitchen Ltd will persist to support both Vet’s Kitchen and Vet’s Klinic operations.

Synergistic Partnership

The collaboration between Pets Choice and Vet’s Kitchen aims to leverage the strengths of both entities. Pets Choice will utilise Vet’s Klinic’s professional expertise to enhance product formulations and develop new recipes. This partnership-led approach ensures continuity in delivering Vet’s Kitchen’s popular pet clubs activities in the future.

Tony Raeburn, CEO of Pets Choice, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the potential for synergy between Pets Choice’s expertise in brand growth and Vet’s Kitchen’s professional insight in product formulations. He emphasised the opportunity for improved accessibility of Vet’s Kitchen products through Pets Choice’s extensive distribution network.

Optimistic Outlook

Laura Shears, Managing Director of Pets’ Kitchen, expressed satisfaction with the acquisition, noting the desire to divest the pet food division while maintaining a collaborative association. She looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of the Vet’s Kitchen brand under Pets Choice’s leadership.

With this strategic acquisition, Pets Choice reinforces its commitment to providing high-quality products and expanding its presence in the pet industry.