iPET Network, a provider of animal care qualifications, received a grant from Qualifications Wales’ Welsh Language Support Grant to develop a series of fully bilingual animal-related qualifications.

The initiative aims to enhance accessibility to qualifications in growing industries such as Dog Grooming and Animal Care.

New Bilingual Qualifications

The funding will support the creation of five new qualifications that will be available bilingually. These qualifications cater to learners for whom Welsh is the preferred language, providing an opportunity to pursue certifications in their native language. The qualifications are set to be available for delivery from April 2024.

The new bilingual qualifications include:

  • iPET Network Level 1 Award in Preparing for Work in Dog Grooming
  • iPET Network Level 2 Diploma Animal Care and Management
  • iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid
  • iPET Network Level 3 Award in Equine Emergency First Aid
  • iPET Network Level 2 Award in First Aid for Dogs

Targeted Development for the Welsh Market

Designed to meet the specific needs of the Welsh market and prepare learners for careers in the Animal Care Sector, these qualifications provide a unique opportunity for colleges and training providers in Wales.

Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, founders of iPET Network, expressed their enthusiasm for offering these qualifications in Wales. They highlighted the significant development in education for the sector, particularly the iPET Network Level 2 Diploma Animal Care and Management.

Focus on Readiness for Work

The Level 2 Diploma emphasises practical mandatory subjects like Animal Health and Diseases, Health Safety and Hygiene, and includes optional units such as Animal Nursing Skills and Customer Care. The focus is on preparing learners for immediate entry into the workforce upon qualification or progressing to higher qualifications in sectors identified as ‘in need’ by the Welsh Government.

Qualifications Wales’ Welsh Language Support Grant aims to support awarding bodies in offering qualifications and assessments through the medium of Welsh. Priority is given to qualifications for learners aged 14-19 on full-time funded programs or publicly funded apprenticeships. Dr. Alex Lovell, Qualifications Manager at Qualifications Wales, expressed gratitude to iPET Network for collaboratively working to increase the availability of Welsh-medium qualifications.