Following the General Election, The Kennel Club has extended congratulations to the incoming Labour government and Sir Keir Starmer on becoming Prime Minister.

The organisation has called for collaboration with the new government to reshape laws surrounding dog welfare, promote responsible breeding, and support pet owners.

Last month, The Kennel Club launched an eight-point plan addressing key issues facing dog owners and their pets. The plan outlines necessary legislative changes and alternative measures to improve dog welfare, advocating for education and behaviour change.

Mark Beazley, Chief Executive at The Kennel Club, stated: “The Kennel Club congratulates Sir Keir Starmer on becoming Prime Minister, and the Labour Party, who have pledged to improve animal welfare and end puppy farming and smuggling. We therefore look forward to working with the incoming Labour government to protect dog welfare, help owners provide the best care for their pets, and ensure previous obligations, such as banning cruel electric shock collars, are prioritised.”

Advocating for Legislative Change

The Kennel Club’s eight-point plan emphasises the need for legislative change to address the ongoing issues in dog welfare. The organisation seeks to work closely with the Labour government to implement these changes and ensure better protection for dogs. The plan highlights the importance of education and behaviour change as essential components for improving dog welfare.

One of the key areas The Kennel Club aims to address with the new government is responsible breeding. The organisation advocates for stricter regulations and better support for breeders to ensure the health and well-being of dogs. By collaborating with the Labour government, The Kennel Club hopes to create a framework that promotes ethical breeding practices and reduces the incidence of puppy farming and smuggling.

The Kennel Club also calls for increased support for dog owners to help them provide the best care for their pets. This includes access to resources, education on responsible pet ownership, and initiatives to improve the overall health and welfare of dogs. The organisation is keen to work with the Labour government to develop programmes and policies that support dog owners and their pets.

In addition to new initiatives, The Kennel Club urges the Labour government to prioritise previously made commitments, such as the ban on electric shock collars. Ensuring the enforcement of existing obligations is seen as crucial to advancing dog welfare in the UK.