West Cheshire is gearing up for the grand opening of a brand-new dog therapy and fitness pool set to launch next month, promising a haven for dog owners seeking rehabilitation and fitness solutions for their pets.

Led by Susie Jump, formerly of Jump Up Carriage Hire, Broxton, and the brains behind the successful Beachin Dog Therapy in Coddington, the upcoming project aims to establish ‘the UK’s premier canine swim centre.’ After the unfortunate closure of Beachin due to the non-renewal of its lease, Susie has been steadfast in her mission to create a new, even more impressive facility.

Addressing the Loss of Beachin

The closure of Beachin, which had operated for 35 years and served as the largest dog hydrotherapy pool in the North West, has left a void for the 3,000 people on its register and over 600 dogs who frequented it regularly. Its reputation for affordable dog swims catered to rehabilitation, fitness, and leisure made its closure a significant loss for dog owners across Manchester, Shropshire, Wales, Liverpool, Wirral, and Yorkshire.

Undeterred by the setback, Susie secured premises in Tarvin, just 10 miles from the original location. Plans are in motion to introduce a substantially larger pool than Beachin, measuring 5m x 11m, making it the largest in the region. The centre aims to offer a spectrum of services, including fun/fitness swims and therapy/rehab swims for dogs under the supervision of a qualified canine hydrotherapist.

Innovation: Indoor Dock-Diving Venue

The new facility will mark a milestone as the first-ever indoor, year-round dock-diving venue in the UK, allowing healthy dogs to experience this popular sport. Susie’s dedication to improving canine health and well-being is evident in her ambitious vision, which originated from her personal experiences with dock-diving alongside her Leonberger, Flea.

The project’s realisation owes credit to the invaluable support from Management System Solutions Limited and Cheshire Pool Services, pivotal in making this initiative possible.

Support for the Project

Given the extensive setup costs and overheads involved, Susie is calling for those who share her passion for this project to visit her GoFundMe page for more information and to contribute to the cause if inclined.

This pioneering endeavour signifies a significant leap in providing advanced care and recreational facilities for dogs, addressing the needs of dog owners in the region and beyond.