The Kennel Club has announced that it is embarking on a comprehensive review of its dog training model, focusing on dog training clubs, instructors, and research insights to better meet the needs of dog owners.

The objective is to ensure that the organisation delivers a robust training and behavioural advice service while maintaining high standards of quality among registered behaviourists and clubs.

Given that the dog training and behaviour industry currently self-regulates, The Kennel Club is exploring the necessity of regulating dog training to uphold and safeguard high standards that cater to the needs of dog owners. Discussions have been initiated with Defra and other UK administrations in this regard.

Temporary Freeze on New Applications

Effective from 25 March, there will be a temporary halt on new applications for membership to The Kennel Club Accredited Instructors scheme. This pause is crucial as The Kennel Club seeks to ensure the future resilience of its local dog training network and establish a clear scheme beneficial for both instructors and dog owners.

Helen Kerfoot, Chief Operations Officer (Canine Activities), stated: “We are very grateful for all the wonderful support our accredited instructor scheme has received since its inception and want to make sure that we find the best way forward for clubs and dog trainers. We will be conducting a survey to gather views from our members as with the ever-changing world we live in, we want to create a unified dog training provision, with a consistent structure and format that is valued and respected, and which supports our dog training network.”

Assurance to Current Members

Kerfoot further reassured current members that their commitment to dog training remains valued by The Kennel Club and will continue to be supported and promoted. Existing members will not be affected by the freeze on new applications.

“We value our scheme members and want to reassure those working towards accreditation that their commitment to dog training is important to The Kennel Club,” Kerfoot added.

The Kennel Club urges its members to stay updated on developments and extends gratitude for their continued support of the scheme.