A convicted robber, Sonnie Stow, aged 24, has initiated legal proceedings against the police department after being bitten by a police dog during a high-speed pursuit while riding a stolen motorbike. Stow, known for his criminal history and aspiring career as a rapper, was apprehended with the assistance of two police dogs, one of which inflicted a bite on his abdomen.

The incident unfolded when Stow and his accomplice, 18-year-old Dawid Kajzer, stole a Benelli 125cc motorcycle from a car park in Hull. Their reckless behavior ensued at a local Burger King, where Kajzer sat on another customer’s bike despite being asked to vacate the seat. Stow obstructed the path of the concerned owner and issued threats. Tragically, as Kajzer dismounted, the bike fell, resulting in severe injury to the owner’s leg.

Attempting to flee the scene, the two criminals embarked on a hasty escape on the stolen Benelli, speeding along footpaths and even venturing onto the wrong side of the road. Pursued by law enforcement officers, they were ultimately tracked down on the Orchard Park estate in Hull. In a desperate bid to evade capture, Stow resorted to riding on footpaths, verges, and against the flow of traffic. Accidentally knocked over by a patrol car, Stow suffered a broken left leg.

Stow’s attempt to evade arrest came to an end when a police dog swiftly apprehended him, leading to his subsequent arrest. Kajzer was also apprehended after a brief struggle. The severity of their crimes became apparent during the court proceedings at Hull Crown Court, where Stow was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Additionally, he received a three-year and three-month driving ban. Kajzer, on the other hand, was handed a six-year prison term and a four-year driving ban.

Prior to this incident, Stow had accumulated a concerning criminal record with 51 previous convictions, including offenses such as robbery, dangerous driving, and driving while disqualified. Notably, he had already served a one-year prison sentence in September of the previous year for affray and carrying a blade.

During the court hearing, Julia Baggs, Stow’s defense counsel, acknowledged the gravity of his driving behavior, stating, “He accepts that it was an appalling piece of driving. He could have seriously injured someone.” Stow sustained significant injuries during the arrest, including a bite to his abdomen, as well as injuries to his upper arms and legs. His legal representative noted that he required stitches, regular wound dressings, muscle reconstruction, and a skin graft, necessitating the involvement of a plastic surgeon. Stow’s legal team is currently pursuing legal action against the police in response to the incident.

Accepting their guilt, both Stow and Kajzer pleaded guilty to charges of attempted robbery and aggravated vehicle taking on June 5. Additionally, Stow admitted to driving while disqualified, while Kajzer confessed to a separate offense of burglary committed on April 14.

Recorder Jason Pitter KC, presiding over the case, highlighted the severity of the attempted robbery, emphasizing the substantial physical harm caused by the perpetrators.

Image Dawid Kajzer (left) and Sonnie Stow (Right) Courtesy of Humberside Police / Facebook