Napo, one of the UK’s leading pet insurance providers, has made a significant stride by becoming the first pet insurer in the UK to offer medical insurance cover for XL Bullies.

The decision to offer medical insurance for XL Bullies comes in response to the Government’s recent inclusion of XL Bullies in the UK’s list of ‘banned breeds’. Owners of XL Bullies were mandated to apply for an exemption certificate by February 1 in England and Wales, and by July 3 in Scotland, failing which their pets would face euthanasia. Napo’s insurance cover for XL Bullies requires owners to possess a valid exemption certificate. The initiative aims to provide healthcare access to all pets, regardless of breed, and can be easily obtained online.

Jean-Philippe Doumeng, CEO and founder of Napo, expressed his commitment to ensuring that every pet receives necessary healthcare, stating, “Every pet deserves healthcare, no matter the breed.” He added, “We are thrilled to offer the UK’s first health insurance cover for XL Bullies, addressing a gap in the market highlighted by pet parents who faced challenges accessing healthcare post-exemption.”

Comprehensive Coverage and Support

Rachel Rodgers, Napo’s in-house clinical animal behaviourist, emphasised the importance of healthcare and behaviour support for XL Bullies, affirming that they deserve equal opportunities as other dog breeds. Napo’s initiative aims to provide comprehensive support to XL Bullies and their owners, ensuring their well-being and access to necessary medical services.

Napo offers lifetime cover on all pet insurance policies, including dental care, and also provides free video calls with vets and behaviourists. Additionally, all dogs insured with Napo gain access to the Napo Puppy Academy, offering online classes with accredited, force-free training experts.

Pet parents interested in insurance coverage with Napo, including those with exempted dogs, can obtain a quote at For medical health cover specifically tailored for XL Bullies, click here.