The Insurance Emporium has released its annual ranking of the most and least affordable dog breeds in the UK for 2024.

Topping the list for affordability for the second consecutive year is the Jack Russell Terrier, while Bulldogs are identified as the least affordable breed.

The rankings are determined by evaluating the cost of purchasing each breed, the cost of insurance, and the annual expenditure on dog food. From this analysis, the Jack Russell Terrier emerges as the most financially viable option, followed by breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, and Chihuahua. Conversely, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Cavapoo Crosses, French Bulldogs, and Hungarian Vizslas are identified as the least affordable breeds.

Alongside affordability rankings, The Insurance Emporium also examined popular names for each breed. “Teddy” emerged as the most popular name for male dogs across various breeds, while “Bella” was a favoured choice for female dogs. Notably, owners of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels commonly named their male dogs “Charlie.”

Insights from the CEO

Francis Martin, CEO of The Insurance Emporium, emphasised the importance of understanding the financial commitments associated with dog ownership. He highlighted the need for prospective dog owners to consider ongoing costs alongside lifestyle compatibility when selecting a breed.

“Our most and least affordable dog breeds data is a really helpful tool for people to understand some of the costs associated with owning a dog. We know that choosing a breed that suits you and your family’s lifestyle is imperative, however, having a gauge of the ongoing costs of looking after your dog is equally important,” he said.

Additionally, Martin stressed the significance of pet insurance, noting that uninsured pet owners are entirely responsible for veterinary expenses, which can be substantial in emergencies.

He added, “Our recent research into global pet insurance adoption rates revealed that only around 30% of British pet owners have pet insurance, leaving 70% uninsured. Similar to our own health, we cannot predict if and when our pets fall ill or has an accident. Therefore, without pet insurance owners are 100% financially responsible for the veterinary fees incurred and will need to ensure they commit to saving a lot of money to protect themselves from emergencies.”