Renowned canine first aider Rachel Bean encountered a challenging situation when her beloved dog, Chilli, suffered a gruesome injury during a walk at Moorgate Quarry in Saddleworth.

Chilli, a four-year-old animal actor, sustained a three-inch cut beneath her carpal pad, just millimeters from her major arterial blood supply.

Fortunately, Rachel, a veterinary nurse, swiftly administered aid. She rushed Chilli to Vets 4 Pets in Cheadle, where she works. Despite the severity of the injury, Chilli’s major artery remained unscathed. The vet cleaned and sealed the wound under general anaesthetic, ensuring Chilli’s recovery.

Chilli’s Journey

Chilli, famously known as Linda Biscuits on the Channel Four series Late Night Lycett, has been a beloved companion on Rachel’s first aid demonstrations across the country. Together, they educate pet professionals and individuals on canine first aid, with Chilli’s demonstrations proving instrumental in saving hundreds of canine lives.

While Chilli enjoys her television fame, her true passion lies in assisting Rachel during first aid sessions. Trained to act out worst-case scenarios, Chilli’s role in the demonstrations adds engagement and effectiveness to the courses. Beyond her television appearances, Chilli plays a vital role in Rachel’s Vet On Set business, ensuring animal welfare on TV and film sets across the UK.

“Without Chilli the courses would not be as engaging or fun, and she is the perfect sidekick,” Rachel says. “She is loving her TV fame, but there is so much more to her than simply Linda Biscuits.”

Rachel emphasises the importance of prioritising animal welfare in the entertainment industry. Through Vet On Set, she ensures that animals like Chilli are treated with care and respect during filming, contributing to a positive on-screen experience while meeting the animals’ needs.

Image by Animal News Agency.