In response to the heightened concern about the effects of rising temperatures on dogs, Petplan, the UK’s leading pet insurance provider, has launched an interactive digital tool called Weather Furcast.

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This tool offers real-time updates advising dog owners on safe walking conditions based on local temperatures and dog breeds. The introduction of this tool is timely, as the UK faces temperatures peaking at 26 degrees this week, raising the risk of heat-related issues in dogs.

Rising Concerns Among Pet Owners

According to recent research, 70% of UK dog owners are anxious about the impact of increasing temperatures on their dogs. In fact, 1 in 10 dogs have already suffered from summer heat exhaustion. Additionally, the survey, conducted from June to August 2023, highlighted significant gaps in pet owners’ knowledge. While 64% of dog owners were unaware that cloudy but humid weather could also be dangerous for their pets, 75% were not cognizant that 23 degrees is the threshold at which they should exercise caution when walking their dogs.

Weather Furcast: Features and Functionality

Available on, the Weather Furcast tool allows users to select their dog type—small, medium, large, or high-risk breeds—and their local region. The tool then displays the current temperature alongside a colour-coded paw print symbol and furmometer, advising whether it is safe to venture outside. It aims to fill the knowledge gap in dog owners’ understanding of weather-appropriate care.

Heat-Related Illnesses and First Aid

The study revealed the primary concerns related to summer pet care were dehydration (67%), heatstroke (61%), and difficulty in breathing or excessive panting (45%). The research also flagged that 78% of pet owners wrongly believed that placing a wet towel over their pets would be beneficial in cases of heatstroke. Brian Faulkner, a registered Veterinary Surgeon and spokesperson for Petplan, advised pet owners to familiarise themselves with correct first aid procedures for heat stroke.

Future Recommendations

Though the Weather Furcast tool is a step in the right direction, it is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice. If pet owners have specific queries or concerns, it is recommended that they consult their local vet for guidance.

Additional Resources

For those planning to spend the Bank Holiday weekend outdoors with their dogs, Petplan has compiled a comprehensive guide to summer care for dogs, cats, and rabbits. More information and access to the Weather Furcast tool can be found at

In summary, B2B Marketing professionals should note that Petplan’s launch of the Weather Furcast tool illustrates a proactive approach to customer service, using digital innovation to address consumer needs in real-time.