In a display of recognition and celebration, the PetQuip Awards, held last night, brought together a record number of attendees from the pet industry to honour achievements and celebrate excellence across various categories. The event, which was held in conjunction with PATS Telford, was presented by Susan Fairley, PetQuip Trade Federation Manager, and Amanda Sizer Barrett MBE, Director General of the PetQuip association. The awards spanned multiple categories, including Supplier, Retailer, Product, Export, and Lifetime Achievement, with accolades of Gold, Silver, and Highly Commended being bestowed in most categories.

A special Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to John Burns MBE, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, the UK’s first natural and chemical-free pet food company. Upon receiving his award from Amanda Sizer Barrett, John expressed his gratitude and honour, stating, “I’m overwhelmed. It’s such an honour to receive this accolade from PetQuip.”

In a bid to recognise the burgeoning talent and innovative spirit within the PATS Telford New Starter Zone, a new category was introduced this year: the New Starter Award. This category aimed to shine a spotlight on the creative and innovative entrepreneurs making their debut in the pet industry, and the competition was notably fierce.


Trinkety Paws Secures Gold in New Starter Category

The Gold award in the New Starter category was clinched by Trinkety Paws, an accessories range distinguished by a vibrant array of colours, all designed and crafted by the owner. Judges lauded the business for its standout presence at shows and its delightful product range. Nadine Berger, Director of Trinkety Paws, shared her astonishment and gratitude: “I’m shocked and surprised to have won the New Starter Award. To be recognised in this prestigious way means a lot, and feels like all our hard work has paid off.”

The Silver award was bestowed upon The British Glass Lady, a maker of pet memorial rainbow bridges, while Oh So Precious, another creator of pet memorials, was honoured with a Highly Commended award.


Industry Leaders and Newcomers Celebrate Achievements

As the event drew to a close, Amanda Sizer Barrett reflected on the palpable enjoyment and satisfaction visible among the industry professionals in attendance. “The enjoyment evident on the faces of so many people from the industry at our event has made it all worthwhile. PetQuip is proud to recognise the hard work, innovation and teamwork demonstrated by our industry with these prestigious awards and it was great to celebrate with them at what was a sell-out occasion,” she commented. She also noted the rewarding experience of witnessing everyone relish the fruits of their labours and engage in positive networking between suppliers and buyers throughout the evening.


Winners Share Joy and Surprises

Conal Cunningham, Managing Director of Mr Bug, expressed his delight at winning the Celebrating Green and Organic Award, stating, “Winning the Celebrating Green and Organic Award is marvellous and recognition for everything we’re trying to do with this brand.”

Similarly, Alex and Gabriella Surace, owners of Poorly Paws, shared their disbelief and gratitude: “Wow! We couldn’t believe it when the name of our business was announced as the winner of the Product of the Year Award for accessories and tech. It feels like all the hard work has paid off. We’re extremely grateful.”

Jo Amit, Product Director of HOWND, reflected on the significance of the awards, sharing, “The Product of the Year food and treats was such a big category that we really didn’t expect to win, so it was an unexpected and welcome surprise. Having won several PetQuip Awards in the past, we know the importance of these accolades because they act as a springboard for the product. To win again is fantastic.”

Dan Vander of We.Pet also expressed his surprise and delight, saying, “We were really surprised and delighted. We are still a fairly new kid on the block so we were very flattered. It’s something to shout about and will hopefully give us increased recognition in the trade. Everyone likes a bit of kudos!”

In summary, the PetQuip Awards not only celebrated the accomplishments of established industry leaders but also welcomed and recognised the innovative newcomers, ensuring the continuous growth and vitality of the pet industry. The event successfully highlighted the hard work, innovation, and teamwork demonstrated across the industry, providing a platform for networking and celebration among peers.


All the Winners

Supplier of the Year – Sponsored by Noble Futures

  • Gold: joint winners Pedigree Wholesale and
  • Silver: joint winners Burgess Pet Care and Pet Trade Innovations
  • Highly Commended: Brambles Pet and Wildlife


Business Service of the Year – Sponsored by Whistl

  • Gold: Henry & Co
  • Silver: Ant Antics
  • Highly Commended: Pet Trust UK


New Starter Award – Sponsored by Pet Trade Innovations

  • Gold: Trinkety Paws
  • Silver: The British Glass Lady
  • Highly Commended: Oh So Precious


Celebrating Green and Organic – Sponsored by CIPS

  • Gold: Mr Bug
  • Silver: Naturaw
  • Highly Commended: Verm-X


Product of the Year: Technical/Accessories

  • Gold: Dog First Aid Kit from Poorly Paws
  • Silver: The modular and portable Dog-G8 Gate from the Dog-G8 Company
  • Highly Commended: Puppy Starter Kit from DogSpace


Product of the Year: Food/Treats

  • Gold: Wellness Treats from HOWND
  • Silver: Vet’s Menu Gravy Topper from Macahl Animal Health
  • Highly Commended: Nature’s Deli Grain-Free Tasty Paste from Pedigree Wholesale


Product of the Year: Healthcare/Grooming

  • Gold: TropiClean Essentials Collection from Pedigree Wholesale
  • Silver: TropiClean Enticers Dental Ball Kit for Dogs from Pedigree Wholesale
  • Highly Commended: Gizzls Gut Support from Gizzls


International Retailer/Wholesaler/Distributor of the Year – Sponsored by PATS Telford

  • Gold: Tom & Co, Belgium


UK Retailer of the Year – Sponsored by PATS Telford

  • Gold: Discount Feeds
  • Silver: Henry & Co
  • Highly Commended: Cocopup London


The Theresa Swann Exporter of the Year Award – Sponsored by Group55

  • Gold: Mutneys Professional Pet Care
  • Silver: HOWND
  • Highly Commended: Macahl Animal Health


Lifetime Achievement Award

  • John Burns MBE, Burns Pet Nutrition