In a significant move within the pet industry, digital media and e-commerce startup Pangolia has announced the acquisition of renowned legacy brands Catster and Dogster from Belvoir Media Group.

This strategic addition augments Pangolia’s existing portfolio of pet-centric websites, including and, already catering to millions of monthly readers.

Strengthening Position in Pet Content

The acquisition marks a pivotal stride for Pangolia, solidifying its stature as one of the fastest-growing providers of pet-related content globally. Catster and Dogster, established in the 1960s and 1970s respectively, have long served as reliable sources for empowering pet owners with valuable advice. Catster originated from Cat Fancy, a print magazine that underwent rebranding, while Dogster, its counterpart, emerged from the bimonthly publication Dog Fancy.

Pangolia’s vision extends to enhancing the legacy of these brands by incorporating veterinary expertise into their content, aiming to further enrich the lives of pets, ensuring their happiness, contentment, as well as overall wellbeing.

These revered brands have a commendable history of assisting countless pet parents and serving as trusted sources of information in the industry. Pangolia is poised to build upon this legacy, boasting a proficient team of content creators, veterinary writers, editors, and veterinary editors, all prepared to uphold and extend the brands’ impact.

Empowering Pet Owners with Expertise

Founder and CEO of Pangolia, Simon Treulle, said, “We’re dedicated to cultivating enduring brands. Acquisitions like this ensure beloved brands endure, guaranteeing our cherished pets receive top-tier assistance for years to come.”

The shift in the media landscape since the inception of Dogster and Catster underscores the need for adaptability. Pangolia, a digital-first content company, stands poised to nurture and propel Catster and Dogster into the future. Leveraging the digital media space allows Pangolia to minimise costs and reach pet families in ways previously unattainable through print-only media.

Additionally, Pangolia is committed to ensuring these revered brands thrive in the digital era, making high-quality veterinary advice and pet care resources accessible to a wider audience of pet owners, nurturing a community that prioritises the well-being of beloved pets.