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Level 2 Award in Principles of Puppy Socialisation


Discover how to socialise your puppies from the very start, so they’re resilient, confident and world-ready. Get these fundamental stages right, and you will support your puppies in the growth and development of core life skills such as confidence, resilience and bounce-back ability.

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How do you effectively socialise a puppy, from birth, into adolescence? Discover how to socialise your puppies from the very start, so they’re resilient, confident and world-ready.

From 3-16 weeks of age, puppies are in a critical socialisation period. The events that take place during this influential socialisation window will shape the future of these young dogs. Adolescence is another significant period in a young dog’s life, where fear periods and developmental changes can greatly impact a dog’s character, temperament and future.

This course is for both experience animal care professionals such as dog breeders, trainers, walkers and groomers as well as for owners. Anybody who has contact with puppies and young dogs will benefit from learning about how to socialise puppies effectively.

This course is delivered via a combination of home study and live online assessment sessions. You will be supported by your tutor and given the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on any elements of the course you need additional help with.

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