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Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation & Welfare


The only ofqual regulated qualification written and delivered by an experienced dog breeder. Bag yourself a nationally recognised qualification especially for breeders and prepare your puppies for a secure and happy future.

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This course covers absolutely everything you need to know to confidently breed, raise, match and home your puppies as ethically and safely as possible.

Just one litter could result in 10 puppies, and those little lives are in your hands. When you choose to breed (or get hit with a surprise impending litter), you are creating lives. And having the right support, skills and knowledge will go a long way to making those lives happy, confident and safe. Dog breeding is full of surprises, and often you don’t know what you don’t know until a problem arises.

With the Ofqual Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare, you will discover how to navigate the journey ahead correctly, using the most up to date methods, so your dog and her puppies are in competent hands. And you’ll have a community of support around you to answer the inevitable questions that arise throughout your breeding journey. You have the power to care for and raise your puppies with love and science, setting them up to be world ready and set for success in their new homes. Don’t go it alone.

At £1250, it’s the price of a puppy, but it’ll set you up for success with every litter you breed for life.

Accreditation: Ofqual

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