Purina Europe has made a significant stride towards sustainability by introducing its first carbon-reduced pet food range, Purina ONE DualNature.

This initiative is aligned with Nestlé’s broader commitment to cut its carbon emissions by 50% before 2030. Purina ONE DualNature has successfully lowered its carbon footprint by 15.7% compared to a 2019 baseline. This reduction has been calculated through a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment, which takes into account the entire environmental impact of the product.

Eco-Friendly Measures: From Ingredients to Packaging

The reduction in carbon footprint has been achieved through various measures. Purina ONE DualNature has implemented changes in manufacturing, recipes, logistics, and packaging. Notable steps include the purchase of renewable electricity for production facilities, the selection of ingredients with the right nutrients and lower carbon impact, and the use of multi-modal transport for cross-country distribution to reduce reliance on road transport.

To further support the circular economy, the brand has prioritized reducing the use of virgin plastic in its packaging. Purina ONE DualNature’s packaging has transitioned to mono-material, enabling recycling in stores across the UK and at kerbside in Ireland. By 2025, Purina aims to have over 95% of its packaging designed for recycling and is committed to achieving 100%.

Commitment to Sustainability Continues

Purina Europe’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its carbon reduction efforts. The brand’s bags for Purina ONE DualNature comprise 40% recycled plastic, following the ISCC certified mass balance approach, aligning with their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their packaging.

Fabio Degli Esposti, Marketing Director at Purina Europe, underscored the brand’s commitment to a healthier environment, stating, “Our journey goes on, and we’ll be working to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions so that pet owners can confidently choose products that contribute positively to both their pets and the environment.”

For more details on the range and recycling information, visit Purina’s official website. Additionally, you can explore their packaging recycling guidelines.