Pets are so much more than just animals; they’re members of our families. Our deep bond with our furry, feathered, and scaly companions translates into big spending.

The U.S. pet industry just smashed records, and this trend speaks to the unwavering love we have for our pets.

Here is a breakdown of sales within each category for the U.S. market:

  • $64.4 billion was spent on pet food and treats
  • $32 billion was spent on supplies, live animals and OTC medicine
  • $38.3 billion was spent on vet care and product sales
  • $12.3 billion was spent on other services (boarding, grooming, insurance, training, pet sitting and walking and all services outside of veterinary care)

Opportunities for Pet Walking Businesses

Market Expansion: The growth of pet ownership directly translates to a larger pool of potential clients for pet walking businesses.

  • Practical Idea: Partner with local pet shelters and rescues to offer discounted walks for newly adopted dogs. This helps with pet socialization and builds goodwill within the community

Service Specialization: Pet walkers can tap into evolving trends like pet fitness and tailored walking experiences for senior or special needs dogs. Offering these niche services can attract a dedicated clientele.

  • Practical Idea: Obtain basic pet first aid/CPR certifications. This reassures clients, especially those with older or special needs pets, that you’re equipped to handle emergencies
  • Practical Idea: Offer “adventure walks” with longer durations and visits to dog-friendly trails or parks. Pet owners looking for extra exercise and stimulation for their dogs will be drawn to this premium service

Premium Pricing: Owners are willing to pay more for quality pet care. Pet walking businesses can command rates that reflect their expertise and the peace of mind they provide to busy pet parents.

  • Practical Idea: Create tiered packages (e.g., basic walk, premium package with extra playtime/interaction). This caters to varying budgets and demonstrates your range of services
  • Practical Idea: Partner with complementary pet businesses (groomers, trainers) for cross-promotion and package deals, reinforcing the value your services provide

Dog Breeds Benefiting from extra walking

A significant portion of pet industry spending centers on dogs and their unique requirements. Certain breeds are renowned for their high energy levels, demanding more frequent and extensive walks to maintain physical and mental well-being. Breeds like Siberian Huskies, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds thrive on ample exercise.

Additionally, some breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Vizslas, Boston Terriers, and German Shepherds, are prone to separation anxiety. Their strong bonds with owners can make them distressed when left alone, making reliable dog walking services crucial for these households.

Final Words

The future looks incredibly bright for the pet industry. With this continued growth, it’s clear that our pets aren’t just a hobby, they represent a profound shift in how we structure our lives and families. Pet owners aren’t just buying products; they’re seeking genuine care for their beloved companions

Can your dog walking business provide that personalized touch and emotional connection that truly distinguishes you?

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