The travel experts at SkyParkSecure have revealed the most pet-friendly airlines for 2024. American Airlines takes the top spot, with British airline TUI ranking in the top 10.

A survey from Condor Ferries indicates that 27% of pet owners intend to take three to five getaways with their pets a year. While it may seem straightforward to bring your furry friend along, it can be stressful without proper research. Key considerations include species restrictions, weight limits for pets in the cabin, and the number of pets allowed per passenger.

Top Pet-Friendly Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines is named the world’s most pet-friendly airline, offering a generous weight limit of 45kg for pets. Pets are allowed in the cabin to most destinations in the US, with one cat or dog permitted in a carry-on container, or two pets in the cargo. This year, the airline updated its policy to allow customers with a pet to also bring a personal item or carry-on bag stowed overhead.

Korean Air

Landing in second place is Korean Air, one of the world’s top 20 airlines. Pets, including their containers, must be between 32kg to 45kg to fit in the cabin or cargo, with one pet allowed on board and two as checked luggage. The airline’s ‘SKYPETS’ programme allows passengers to collect stamps for each flight taken with their pets, making the experience more convenient and memorable.

Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines rounds off the top three. The airline allows a maximum of two transport crates for economy class and one per business class, carrying small dogs and cats under 8kg in the cabin. Dogs, cats, and ferrets up to 32kg can be transported in the hold.

TUI Lands in the Top 10

TUI, the UK’s leading travel brand, ranks ninth among the world’s most pet-friendly airlines. It is one of the few UK airlines that allow pets in the cabin. Each passenger can bring one cat or dog weighing no more than 8kg. For cargo, dogs and cats over 8kg are permitted, provided the cage meets specific dimensions.

Tips for Preparing Your Pet for a Flight

Flying with a pet can be daunting. Liz Clifton, a calm coach for pets, provides tips to help ease the process.

Preparing Your Pet

Clifton suggests relaxing and releasing stress with your pet through shared silent meditation space, dog yoga, and allowing them to snuggle in their favourite space at home. Acclimatise them to the travel equipment they will use on the plane, such as crates, harnesses, and leads.

Checking Their Health

Daily observation of your pet’s behaviour and movement is essential. Share any changes with your vet and seek support from veterinary professionals and pet behaviourists if needed.

Cabin or Cargo Travel

Consider where your pet would prefer to travel based on their usual behaviour. Some pets may enjoy being with you, while others might prefer alone time. The flight’s length and pre-and post-flight times should also factor into your decision.

Additional Tips

Include familiar bedding, healthy food, toys, comfort blankets, and any necessary medication or holistic remedies for your pet. As pets are sensitive to their owners’ emotions, it’s important to manage your stress to help your pet have a calm and enjoyable travel experience.

For pet owners planning to fly with their furry friends, these insights into the most pet-friendly airlines and preparation tips can help ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Check out our hotels and parking options to discover more pet-friendly travel amenities.