A recent survey by Jollyes unveils that 1 in 6 UK dog owners plan to spend more on their dogs than on their partners this Valentine’s Day – and they’re not the only pets feeling the love.

The study, which surveyed 1,180 pet owners across the nation, sheds light on the enduring bond between humans and their furry, feathered, and finned companions. Pet owners across the UK are gearing up to make Valentine’s Day special for their companions, showcasing the profound connection shared between humans and animals.

Pet Gift Statistics

  • Pet Gift Purchases: The survey reveals that 30.4% of UK pet owners have embraced the tradition of gifting their pets on Valentine’s Day, demonstrating the strong bond between humans and their animal companions.
  • Generosity by Gender: Men tend to be more generous, with over 20% spending between £26 and £50 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets, compared to 9.63% of women.
  • Regional Variations: Greater London emerges as the epicentre of pet love, with 48.32% of owners planning special gifts, followed by Belfast (39%) and the West Midlands (34.95%).

The survey also provides insights into which pets are most likely to receive special treats on Valentine’s Day:

  • Dogs Lead the Pack: 33.74% of dog owners plan to buy gifts for their loyal companions.
  • Cats Feel the Love: 27.95% of cat owners express their affection through Valentine’s gifts.
  • Feathered Friends: 25% of bird owners are set to gift their avian companions.
  • Rabbit Appreciation: 21% of rabbit owners intend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts for their furry friends.

Additionally, the survey found that the majority (57.14%) of pet owners plan to spend between £10 and £25. Men are more likely to spend between £26 and £50, with just over 20% choosing this spending bracket, compared to 9.63% of women. Pet owners in Greater London, followed by the West and East Midlands, lead in terms of spending on their pets.

Preferred Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

The most popular gifts chosen by pet owners for Valentine’s Day are:

  • Food: 85.93% of respondents opt for food and treats as gifts for their pets.
  • Toys: Toys come in second place, with 76.02% of people purchasing them for their pets.
  • Beds: Bedding is a thoughtful choice for 44.66% of pet owners, providing comfort to their beloved animals.
  • Fashion: Just over a quarter (26.10%) purchase clothing, showcasing the diversity of gift options.

Phil Turner-Naylor, Head of Marketing at Jollyes, comments on the findings, emphasising the special place pets hold in the hearts of their owners. The survey reflects a trend of pet owners expressing appreciation for their furry friends, even on occasions like Valentine’s Day, following the surge of pet owners purchasing Christmas gifts for their companions.